Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Propasal for samata school

Here is a major finding of a case study in Samata Sikshya Niketan.
This school (Samata Sikshya Niketan) is being a milestone in educational field of nation, which is providing education in cheapest cost as other private “C” level educational institute and also facing problem as almost of the other schools. The problems are have more similarity and some it’s own identical problem.
Some of them are:
 school is being compelled to follow the same education system of four wall brain training,
 teachers had to use same punishment culture for making the students to do home assignment,
 Education is not given in practically, logically because most of them cannot be used practically
 Teachers became unable to make interest of students in study. They are not dedicated too.
 Education became burden for students.
 Lack of good, educational and comfortable environment.
 Students had never felt importance of study and activities (pray, song, promise) they are made to do in this school.
 Students dislike to study and do their assignment.
 Students cannot enjoy their study and school so they are always in search of the way to be apart from education and they learn bad habits.
 Education became capacity of cramming.
 They do not learn to use education in life.
 Value of education became dim which cause to form similar society and get continuity.
 Activities of school became like command and training.
For the solution, first we had to find source of problem. Source or causes of problems are:
 Teachers do not try to treat students emotionally and morally to make them feel they should study.
 lack of practical, habitual, moral knowledge
 New teachers are surviving for economical source, utilization of time, learning and for experience but they are neither guided nor they take guidance. They just fulfill their duty.
 They do not try to think critical thinking and do not collect willing for that.

Solutions are:
Teacher’s meeting should be launch frequently to realize our mistake and share ideas to overcome problems to go ahead.
All teachers should be make remembered about objectives of Samata.
Teachers should enjoy in their work not as burden.
Students should treat emotionally, morally and habitually. For example: they should aware about importance of habit and education is for their future. Moral classes, making them practice of habits.
Maintaining educational environment (wall bulletin, quotation, chart, sports and extra activities material)
So on solving cause and problems of above we can find solution.

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