Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Project plan

After a case study of Samata Sikshya Niketan Green Education Foundation branch of Green Civilization proposed a project plan. To overcome the problems seen after special case study of class nine of this school implementing concept of this Education Foundation we had proposed this proposal. We will co operate and help each other. This project will be of two months we can extend time period with new planning and agreement.

Aim of project:
To implement concept of Green Education Foundation.

Project Plan
Project plan will be launch in following steps.
1. There are 53 students in class 9 now. We will divide class 9 into two groups. Project will pay for teachers required for new group within rule of the school.
2. School will provide us a period from both groups to launch our extra activities (skill classes, painting training, cooking, gardening etc)
3. Project will provide some nutritious Tiffin for students.
4. Project will take moral classes frequently for class 9 and in other classes too if there is leisure class.
5. Project will provide different charts, bulletin etc for different class as project can.
6. School should fully support to the project.

We agree with the project plan proposed by Green Education foundation. We co-operate each other to provide qualitative education trying to remove problems in education quality of our society.

Co-ordinator Principal
Green Education Foundation Samata Sikshya Niketan

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