Saturday, October 10, 2009

Motercycle diaries of Che

Special movie tie-in edition of Che Guevara's youthful travel diaries to coincide with the Fall release of Redford & Salles's film of the book. Says director Walter Salles: "If the film reaches a younger audience, I hope it will inspire people to read The Motorcycle Diaries, to have the impression that change can occur." "As his journey progresses, Guevara's voice seems to deepen, to darken, colored by what he witnesses in his travels. He is still poetic, but now he comments on what he sees, though still poetically, with a new awareness of the social and political ramifications of what's going on around him."-January Magazine "The Motorcycle Diaries could easily go on to become the first Spanish language nominee for Best Picture."-Roger Friedman, Fox N

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