Friday, August 7, 2009

Underground Music

It contain different types of metal music like:
Thrash metal, black metal, dark metal death metal , speed metal, grindcore and so on..

Death metal: Where speed metal and hardcore warned us of the apocalypse, death metal assumed it as society wailed on toward demise with a whimper and not any drastic warning-type motion. Civilization has become decadent and valueless, and escaping the cycle of rebellion death metal projects a world before the moralization of values, in which personal values can triumph. Death metal denies inherent value in tone and ideal, and deconstructs the overbearing sense of world and social bounds around us with primal music bearing complexity in texture and theme. The music and lifestyles of the death metal genre employ intuition and logic to replace deconstructed illusion with structuralist sensibility and a sensitivity toward existential value. Unlike most music which focuses on humanist or romantic themes, death metal articulates the lawless extremity of nature.

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